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The IDG ArcticX 2021 Campaign

ArcticX21 is a demonstration of the IDG consortium’s capabilities for the Integrated Remote Sensing for the Arctic service. This campaign marks the first opportunity since the pandemic that we have a chance to meet and present our capabilities. IDG would like to take this opportunity to invite potential clients and stakeholders to this demonstration campaign.

What can you expect?

Attendees will see the latest innovations in satellite imaging and analytics, UAS platforms in tip and cue scenarios, sea going platforms, mission control centre operations, a 24,000 km2 test range for CONOPS and platform testing, technologies for voice controlled UAS, and much more.

Most of these will figure prominently during a ”dark target detection” exercise on the Visitor Day. Various remote sensing satellites will monitor an area off the coast of Norway searching for vessels that are not reporting. Analytics of the data from multiple satellites will detect vessels. An operational mission centre will deploy assets such as UAS to search, visually identify, and report on targets detected by satellites as potential dark targets.

The technologies demonstrated at ArcticX21 include:

  • Tactical tasking of satellites over the Area of Interest (AoI)
  • Remote data collection and download capacity
  • AI target detection, Data fusion, Common operating picture
  • Global UAS remote control

An exhibits area provides attendees with hands-on demonstrations of the IDG capabilities.

Where does ArcticX21 take place?

ArcticX21 will take place at Andoya Space Center in Northern Norway.

ArcticX21 Dates

Internal Exercises August 18-24, 2021
Visitor Day August 25, 2021

Who can participate?

ArcticX21 is an invitation only event due to space limitations.

How to get there


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