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The IDG ArcticX Campaigns

ArcticX is an annual demonstration by the IDG consortium of its capabilities for the Integrated Remote Sensing for the Arctic (IRSA) service.

After a successful ArcticX21, ArcticX22 is planned for late August/early September 2022, in Andoya, Norway, and Odense, Demark.

What can you expect?

ArcticX22 will demonstrate the IDG’s capability to provide surface situational awareness from satellites, remotely piloted aircraft systems (RPAS) operating beyond line of sight, and other platforms in various scenarios. As well, IDG will display its Arctic vessel detection and identification capability, including its long range RPAS capability.

The scenario-based campaign will include illegal, unreported, and unregulated fishing simulations, dark target detection, ship/iceberg detection, and oil spill detection.

The technologies demonstrated at ArcticX22 include:

  • Integrated use of over 40 satellites from 12 different missions in a fisheries surveillance scenario
  • RPAS and satellite integrated surveillance
  • Live stream RPAS video feeds and Joint Common Operating Picture (JCOP)
  • Dual use satellite surveillance from dark target detection to oil spill and iceberg detection
  • Use of Cursor-on-Target for target designation between our applications
  • Development of tracks on the JCOP from sensor tracks
  • Dynamic tasking of satellites and RPAS
  • COMC2 GE asset situational awareness

ArcticX22 Dates

Norway August 29–31, 2022
Denmark September 5-9, 2022

Who can participate?

ArcticX on-site participation is by invitation only. Please register your interest or


For further information please contact or

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