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High Altitude Long Endurance UAS (HALE)

The HALE aircraft is a high Aspect ratio UAS featuring a highly efficient propulsion system. HALE UAS are pseudo satellites that form the backbone of an inexpensive robust and resilient communication network in the Arctic. A number of HALE aircraft together with Geostationary and Low Earth Orbit Satellites will form a constellation of transponders with the purpose of establishing a robust 24/7 communication network. Since there in the arctic is little or no sunlight in longer periods of year, the HALE aircrafts cannot rely on solar power. The HALE aircrafts are therefore designed to orbit for 48 hours before being aerial refueled by an OPA support aircraft, thus staying aloft for several months before landing for maintenance.
The HALE Aircraft is not yet ready but under design.

Medium Altitude Long Endurance UAS (MALE)

The MALE aircraft is a high Aspect ratio UAS and is constructed to fit modular ISR sensors for different missions such as ship detection, oil spill detection, inspection of large oil and gas infrastructures, to act as airborne sensors in networked Search and Rescue missions as well as many other mission types.
The MALE aircraft is operational.

Small Long Endurance UAS (sUAS)

The Integrator is a runway-independent sUAS that can operate from land or aboard ship and carry a wide range of payloads and sensors for enhanced situational awareness, communications relay and dark target detection among other missions relevant to the Arctic and High North. Built by Insitu, a Boeing company, the Integrator sUAS offers best-in-class flight endurance and when equipped with the optional satellite communications module, can operate at beyond line-of-sight ranges nearly 1000 kilometers from the launch site. The Integrator and its variants have been proven in combat with customers in several countries around the world.

Learn more about the Integrator here

Optionally Piloted Aircraft (OPA)

Centaur is a versatile, multi-role system for piloted, hybrid, or unpiloted flight operations. Developed by Aurora Flight Sciences, a Boeing company, Centaur offers the high degree of safety of general aviation aircraft, the payload capacity and flexibility to support multi-domain ISR operations, and the unique ability to execute quick develop-test cycles for new technology.

Learn more about Centaur here

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